Korea University Department of Home Economics in the College of Science and Engineering

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  1. Academic Goals
    • · Child and Family Studies: This program teaches students to understand the physical and psychological development of human beings, the human element of a family, and to plan and create an environment that can optimize individual development. 

      · Family Resource Management and Consumer Studies: By teaching the effective use of family resources, the role of consumers, and the basic knowledge needed to manage a healthy family, this program aims to help students to build abilities to contribute to local communities. 

      · Clothing and Textiles: The goal of this program is to help students to understand clothing production, distribution, sales, consumption, and disposal from the aesthetic, sociological, psychological, hygienic, and ergonomic perspectives, and to obtain the knowledge required for teachers or professionals in the clothing industry. 

      · Food and Nutrition: Through the study of education methods for a healthy eating environment based on the knowledge of chemical characteristics and nutritional functions, this program aims to cultivate the abilities required to become teachers or food and nutrition professionals. 

      · Housing: This program was designed to help students understand the basic theories and principles of housing and to obtain practical knowledge in housing, including the selection of desirable houses, space arrangement, and the use of storage spaces in furniture. 

      · Home Economics Education: The goal of this program is to provide students with the basic theories and principles of home economics education so that they can apply them to their middle and high school classes.