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Courses and Syllabuses

HEE 501 Research Methods in Home Economics [3]

A study of research methods in Home Economics including descriptive statistics, research design, data analysis, and writing a thesis.

HEE 502 Advanced Statistics [3]

A study of advanced statistics including t-test, ANOVA, multiple regression analysis, etc.

HEE 505 Infant Development [3]

An examination of recent research findings in physical, social, emotional and language development during infancy.

HEE 506 Human Physiology [3]

Lecture in the tissue structures and physiological functions of human organs.

HEE 509 Instrumental Analysis [3]

Introduce the principles of the techniques used by food analysis. Emphasis is on understanding of analytical techniques, including pH meter as well as chromatographic, electrophoretic, spectrophotometric methods.

HEE 510 Food Analysis [3]

Study principles and methodology of physiochemical analysis of foods.

HEE 513 Advanced Theory of Family Resource Management [3]

Theoretical developments and research related to the use of family resource to achieve family goals. Emphasis on systems theory as applied to family resource management.

HEE 514 Advanced Multi Cultural Society and Family [3]

A study on understanding of theory of multi cultural society, culture of various countries, current service and social support system for multi cultural family, related law and educational practice.

HEE 516 Food Analysis [3]

Study principles and methodology of physiochemical analysis of foods.

HEE 519 Special Topics in Home Economics I [3]

Studying special topics in Home Economics using theoretical analysis and literature review.

HEE 520 Special Topics in Home Economics II [3]

Discuss research design and methodology on special topics in Home Economics.

HEE 521 Seminar in Home Economics I [3]

Discuss research trends on Home Economics by analyzing recent books, articles in related journals, and thesis.

HEE 522 Seminar in Home Economics II [3]

Discuss new topics on Home Economics based on analyzing recent studies.

HEE 524 Advanced Family Life Education [3]

Theories and techniques of planning and developing home and family life education program appropriate to adults of various age levels and in various settings.

HEE 525 Advanced Social Development [3]

A study of major theories and research methods of social development, as well as the major issues in social development, such as infant attachments, moral development, aggression and sex typing.

HEE 526 Advanced Emotion Development [3]

Expression and influence of affectional processes in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

HEE 527 Special Topics in Aesthetics of Fashion [3]

Study the theories in aesthetics of costume in relationship to art, style, aesthetic categories, body, gender, culture, and postmodernism.

HEE 528 Advanced Fashion Marketing [3]

An overview of fashion industry's marketing practices. Students investigate fashion trends, consumer behavior, advertising and promotions strategies used by apparel companies.

Major Courses

HEE 550 Advanced Family Financial Management [3]

Managerial approaches to achievement of short-or long- term financial goals for house.

HEE 551 Study of Time Use [3]

Theories and techniques for examining time use and managing time as a resource.

HEE 552 Advanced Consumer Policy [3]

Examination of the effects of legislation and cases on consumers. Discussion of the legal processes involved in the consumer behaviors. Implications for effective functioning of consumer within the limits of the legal environment.

HEE 553 Study on Nonprofit Organization Management [3]

Study on characteristics of nonprofit organization management and its functions with emphasis on leadership, marketing, implementing, personal and financial management and controlling.

HEE 554 Planning and Counseling for Better Living [3]

Theories and techniques for diagnosing problems faced to family throughout the life cycle and planning to improve quality of living.

HEE 555 Advanced Household Work [3]

Study on concepts, history, social meanings and management of household work.

HEE 556 Family Life Style in the Informationized Society [3]

Analysis of special managerial problems and investigation of family life style in the informationized society.

HEE 558 Practices in Healthy Family Support Center [3]

Applications of theories of healthy family theory to implement professional roles in the healthy family support center.

HEE 559 Advanced Theory in Healthy Family [3]

Study of advanced theories in healthy family and related law and techniques in managing healthy family support center including planning, marketing, organizing and financing, etc.

HEE 560 Family Policy [3]

Study on background, history, decision making process and contents of family policy.

HEE 562 Advanced Consumer Education [3]

Analyzing consumer problems generated in the interaction between consumers and market. Developing teaching strategies and materials for educating consumers.

HEE 563 Elderly Consumer and Silver Industry [3]

Examining physical, psychological, social and economical characteristics of elderly consumers and searching for the proper types and new ways of silver industry.

HEE 565 Research for Consumer and Marketing [3]

Research on the focus of consumer education and policy through understanding of marketing strategies such as price management, distribution, advertisement and sales promotion.

HEE 572 Nutritional Biochemistry [3]

Lecture in chemical structures, properties and biochemical functions of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in human body.

HEE 573 Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition [3]

Lecture in chemical structures, properties and biochemical functions of vitamins and minerals in human body.

HEE 575 Seminar in Nutrition for Life Cycle [3]

Seminar in nutrition for life cycle and discuss nutrition problems.

HEE 581 Advanced Fashion Merchandising [3]

Examination and synthesis of advanced merchandising theory. Negotiation, decisionmaking and the role of technology in contemporary and future apparel industry.

HEE 586 Computer Applications in Fashion Design and Pattern Making [3]

Examines and experience CAD(Computer-Aided Design) systems available for apparel pattern making.

HEE 587 Body Measurements and Basic Sloper Development [3]

Study of basic human body structure and analysis of interactions between body movement and clothing construction. Exploration of body types which can influence total garment size.

HEE 588 Apparel Industry Analysis [3]

Examines the national and international factors affecting the textiles and apparel industries and their impact on the economy and consumers.

HEE 589 Fashion Distribution and Retailing [3]

Understand the distribution process of apparel products and study the effective distribution management systems. Emphasis on the globalization and technology development in retailing and the related problems to Korean apparel industry.

HEE 590 Human Behavior and Social Environment [3]

A study of human behavior by examining the influence of cultural and psychological environments on the physical, psychological and social development of the individual.

HEE 591 Family Ecology [3]

Application of ecological approaches to analyze family system and its behavior.

HEE 592 Advanced Consumer Decision Making [3]

Interdisciplinary approach to study consumer decision making process. Comparing and analyzing basic theories and researches of economical, psychological and sociological aspects underlying consumer decision making.

HEE 593 Advanced Clothing Comfort and Functions [3]

Research of clothing comfort and function in human environment.

HEE 607 Survey and Evaluation of Nutritional Status [3]

Lecture in survey of diet and Evaluation of nutritional status.

HEE 613 Food Rheology [3]

Deals with the flow and deformation properties of foods including viscosity, elasticity and hardness etc. Instrumental techniques used to measure the rheological properties of foods are introduced in this lecture.

HEE 614 Advanced Food Microbiology [3]

The major microorganisms of importance in foods are studied with emphasis on the roles of those organisms in food fermentation and preservation.

HEE 615 Seminar in Consumer Education [3]

Examination of diverse aspects of consumer issues to enhance consumer welfare.

HEE 618 Food Hygiene [3]

Focuses on the food sanitation as well as microorganisms relating to public health. Food poisoning and their prevention as well as assesment methods will be given.

HEE 619 Food Preservation [3]

Focuses on the important methods and their principles used in food preservation. Technologies covered include refrigeration and freezing, salting and sugaring, irradiation, controlled atmosphere storage and fermentation.

HEE 620 Korean Traditional Child Education [3]

A study of Korean traditional culture and traditional child rearing practices.

HEE 622 Research Methods in Family Resource Management [3]

Study on research methods and techniques applicable to studies of family resource management.

HEE 623 Korean Family [3]

A study of the structure, function and characteristics of Korean family.

HEE 625 Advanced Family Development [3]

Emphasis on the developmental events and tasks of the family life cycle.

HEE 628 Cognitive Development [3]

A study of child's cognitive processes such as perception, memory, thinking and language development.

HEE 630 Seminar in Human Development [3]

Discussion and critique of recent research articles in human development.

HEE 631 Studies in Early Childhood Education [3]

Curriculum theory, research and practice in educational settings for infants.

HEE 633 Study on Consumer Trends [3]

Developing abilities to read the consumer’s needs and behavioral trends through analysis of the consumer.

HEE 634 Advanced Parent Education [3]

History, philosophy and ethics of parent education, implementation and evaluation of parent education programs.

HEE 635 Advanced Special Education [3]

A study of educating both the handicapped and the gifted. Emphasis on the characteristics of these children in physical, psychological and social terms.

HEE 650 Cultural Aspects of Clothing [3]

Survey of clothing and textiles of different cultures and ethnicity in order to understand the cultural influence on body and dress from a global perspective. Exploration of theories and concepts used to understand clothing as a form of material culture.

HEE 651 Socio-Psychological Aspects of Dress [3]

Research/analysis of psychological and social perspectives on clothing. Focuses on issues of dress and body from the sociocultural, psychological, political and economical perspectives.

HEE 655 Research Methods in Clothing and Textiles [3]

Examine the quantitative and qualitative research methods as applied to clothing and textiles area. Students are trained to critique others' and their own research.

HEE 658 Textiles Design [3]

Students develop their creativity while designing textiles through weaving. Emphasis on various weaving techniques and skills.

HEE 659 Seminar in Clothing and Textiles [3]

In-depth investigation of a specific topic related to current research issues in clothing and textiles.

HEE 667 Studies in Women's Labor Issues [3]

Study on women's non-paid housework and paid labor with emphasis on its impact on quality of women's life.

HEE 670 Practicum in Day Care Center [3]

A field based course which involves an observation and evaluation of young children's development in a day care setting.

HEE 675 Community Nutrition [3]

Lecture in the problems of community nutrition and public health.

HEE 684 Methodology in Home Economics Education [3]

Study on effective methodology and media for home economics education and application those to teaching home economics.

HEE 685 Advanced Theories of Home Economics Education [3]

Study on theories and approaches related to home economics education and their applications to practical education situations.

HEE 687 Advanced History of Korean Costume [3]

Survey of clothing and appearance in Korean from prehistory to present.

HEE 688 Advanced Study on History of Western Fashion [3]

Survey of clothing and appearance in Western cultures from prehistory to present.

HEE 689 Advanced Child Welfare [3]

A study of child welfare problems in a modern society.

HEE 700 Study on Family-Friendly Policy [3]

The course covers the definition, history and philosophy of family-friendly policy. It also studies those conducted in central and local government and analyzes the cases of those in various countries.

HEE 708 Psychological Testing of Young Children [3]

A study of theories and practices of psychological testing for young children.

HEE 710 Survey Research Methods [3]

A study of the methodology of survey research. Emphasis on data collection, analysis, and writing up survey findings.

HEE 712 Case Study on Family Resource Management [3]

Case study on family resource management with special reference to families of different life cycle, dual-earner and poor.

HEE 713 Advanced Family Relationships [3]

A study of family communication, family stress and coping, intergenerational aspects of family living.

HEE 716 Consumer Behavior [3]

Psychological and social analysis of consumer behavior in the market.

HEE 717 Theories of Human Development [3]

Discussion and evaluation of theories of human development from conception to death.

HEE 718 Advanced Adult Development and Aging [3]

An overview of physical, cognitive, social and personality development in relation to all periods of the adult lifespan, with special emphasis on late adulthood.

HEE 719 Experimental Design Research [3]

A study of design of experiments including factorial designs, randomized blocks designs and nested designs. Emphasis on the multivariate analyses such as MANOVA, SEM, etc.

HEE 720 Research Methods in Human Development [3]

Advanced course on research methods focusing on the specific steps in the empirical research process and critically evaluating research reports.

HEE 722 Advanced Human Physiology [3]

Advanced study on human physiology in cell and molecular level.

HEE 731 Clothing for Special Needs [3]

Design of clothing for special needs. Research conducted in clothing design for situations requiring thermal or impact protection, accommodation of mobility, or facilitation of bodily functions. Students consider garments used by those with special needs asbesto workers, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

HEE 732 Leisure Studies [3]

An interdisciplinary approach to examine concepts, theories, issues and problems related to leisure life. Emphasis on management of leisure to enhance the quality of family life.

HEE 734 Advanced Consumer Counseling [3]

Development of helping skills to assist consumers to act wisely in the market.

HEE 735 Topics in Consumer Information [3]

Analysis of concepts and searching process of information to solve consumer problems. Developments of evaluation skills to select appropriate and reliable information.

HEE 738 Current Studies in Applied Nutrition [3]

Discuss the current problems in nutrition.

HEE 740 Seminar in Diet Therapy [3]

Studies on pathology and diet therapy according to each patient's disease.

HEE 745 Advanced Asset Investment and Insurance [3]

Investigation of different forms of asset investment and insurance for current and future consumption.

HEE 753 Traditional Dietary Culture of Korea [3]

Historical as well as cultural aspects of Korean traditional foods are introduced. Changes in culinary methods and dietary life are also studied.

HEE 754 Production and Operations Management for Foodservice [3]

Focuses on the organizational structure of catering operations, menu design for special functions and its operational implications.

HEE 755 Parent-Child Relations [3]

An understanding of the reciprocal relationships between parent and child.

HEE 756 Clothing Construction [3]

Advanced principles and methods of developing patterns for the body, including flat pattern, draping and fitting principles.

HEE 757 Consumption Economics [3]

Analysis of role of household in the national economy and structure of income and consumption of household.

HEE 758 Study of Costume and Color [3]

Advanced foundation course focusing on the use of color and its application to fashion design.

HEE 759 Child Play Theories [3]

A study of theories of child play and an important role of play in child development.

HEE 760 Textiles Science [3]

Study of physical and chemical characteristics of fibers, yarns, textiles structiones and finishes.

HEE 761 Advanced Culture and Consumption [3]

Study on interaction between consumption and culture by analyzing cultural meaning of consumption.

HEE 762 Detergency: Theory and Testing [3]

Students examine functions of detergents and evaluate their effectiveness.

HEE 764 Advanced Fashion Design I [3]

Study design and art theories and discuss how they can be applied to fashion design.

HEE 765 Advanced Fashion Design II [3]

Gain knowledge and skills about haute couture sewing technique. Actual designs applying haute couture sewing technique will be developed.

HEE 766 Clothing Ergonomics [3]

Study of human characteristics in physical constitution and factors to design applicable clothing. Students experiment with various materials using scientific methods in specific laboratory environments.

HEE 767 Textiles Fiber and New Materials [3]

Exploration/analysis of current trends in textiles and fiber development focusing on new technologies and materials.

HEE 770 Quality Control for Textiles End-Uses [3]

A survey of quality assurance practices in textiles/apparel production process. Students analyze textiles product characteristics including fiber, structure, finish, apparel product properties, garment performance and overall quality assessment and assurance.

HEE 773 Dyeing and Finishing in Textiles Materials [3]

Study of characteristics, principles and method of dyeing fiber and fabric.

HEE 777 Study of Apparel Pattern Development [3]

Advanced course in apparel pattern development. Deals with current developments and discussions in clothing fit and comfort issues.

HEE 778 Advanced Metabolism of Nutrients [3]

Advanced studies on the digestion, absorption and metabolism of energy yielding

nutrients; carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

HEE 780 Theories of Child Therapy [3]

An introduction to the major theoretical orientations of child therapy including counseling process, counseling theories and counseling techniques with children.

HEE 781 Observational Research Methods [3]

Observational technique to record the behavior of the child. Procedures to ensure objectivity in data collection. Methods used to analyze, categorize, quantify observational data in research.

HEE 782 Research in Food Science [3]

Discuss current trends of research in food science.

HEE 783 Sensory Evaluation [3]

Review evaluation methods for food quality, utilizing senses.

HEE 784 Dietary Education

Developing dietary education programs to build a healthy diet and recognize the importance of the dietary education based on dietary education law.

HEE 789 Advanced Foods [3]

A course on the chemical composition, nutritional and organoleptic properties of major

food groups.

HEE 791 Food Fermentations [3]

Study processing principles and methodology of food fermentations by microbiological agents.

HEE 792 Carbohydrate Metabolism [3]

Study various varieties, structures, characteristics of carbohydrate and their applications as food sources.

HEE 793 Cereal Foods [3]

Study variety, structure and composition and processing of cereal foods.

HEE 794 Food Biochemistry [3]

Review chemical and biochemical changes during processing and preservation of foods.

HEE 796 Biofunctionality of Foods [3]

Review definition, classification and physiological activation of biofunctional foods.

HEE 797 Advanced Food Science [3]

Discuss structure, characteristics and interactions of general food ingredients.

HEE 806 Practicum in Child Therapy [3]

Offers advanced training and apprenticeship preparing persons to become a child therapist.

HEE 807 Mental Health [3]

Introduction to the principles and theorise of positive mental health and human behavior including topics of emotional responses, coping mechanism and intervention techniques.

HEE 811 Seminar in Special Topics in Home Management [3]

Analysis of special managerial problems and investigation of their solutions using literature review and statistical methods.

HEE 812 Seminar in Special Topics in Family Relationships [3]

An opportunity for advanced students to focus on topics of special interest growing out of their basic courses in family studies.

HEE 813 Advanced Family Economics [3]

Application of economic approaches to explain family behaviors such as marriage, child rearing, divorce and career choice.

HEE 814 Seminar in Special Topics in Human Development [3]

Advanced doctoral seminar on human development with consideration of selected topics.

HEE 815 Seminar in Special Topics in Child Study [3]

Advanced doctoral seminar on child study with consideration of selected topics.

HEE 817 Special Topics in Clothing [3]

Exploration of current conceptualization and research methods in clothing.

HEE 818 Research in Clothing and Textiles Sciences [3]

Exploration of current conceptualization and research methods in clothing/textiles and science.

HEE 819 Comparative Household Management [3]

Cultural influences in family resource management. Comparison of values, goals, resource and managerial process in contrasting cultures.

HEE 820 Theories and Models of Family Resource Management [3]

Study of systems theory with special reference to appropriateness and problems to explain managerial behaviors of family members. Development of new theory and model for investigating family resource management.

HEE 821 Seminar in Special Topics in Consumer Studies [3]

Analysis of consumers and marketing, consumption culture, advertisement and consumer information and impact of consumer policy on the consumers.

HEE 824 Study of Garment Production [3]

Examines the mass production system of garments from fiber to end-use products. Includes analysis of production process, production planning and planning of materials and notions.

HEE 828 Fashion & Art [3]

The historical style change and the relationship between fashion and art will be examined to discuss the meaning of art in contemporary fashion.

HEE 829 Fashion Design Criticism [3]

Trains students to critique fashion design products from aesthetic and functional aspects based on art and fashion criticism theories.

HEE 830 Research Methods in Food Science and Nutrition

Study principles and statistical methodologies for experimental design and data analysis in food science and nutrition

HEE 831 Seminar in Fashion Consumer Behavior [3]

Students learn to analyze fashion consumers and their beliefs, attitude and behavior in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of them. Recent theoretical developments regarding fashion consumer behavior will be discussed.

HEE 832 Culinary Science of Traditional Foods [3]

This class analyzes the characteristics of Korean traditional cuisine and explores their application to modern cuisines in general.

HEE 834 Enzyme Chemistry [3]

The course covers the principles of physical, chemical and catalytic properties of enzymes occurring in foods. It also studies the utilization of enzyme in food systems.

HEE 837 Advanced Food Chemistry [3]

Review structure, characteristics and chemical reactivity during food processing and


HEE 838 Advanced Food Processing [3]

Review principle of processing and their techniques of different kind of foods.

HEE 844 Special Topics in Food Science [3]

Select special topics in food science and discuss the design of experiments and experimental methods in conjunction with dissertation preparation.

HEE 850 Study on Korean Family Resource Management History [3]

Study on history of Korean family resource management including financial management, leisure life, labor distribution between couples etc.

HEE 851 Program Development on Family Resources Management [3]

Developing education programs on family resource management appropriate to persons of various age levels and in various settings.

HEE 852 Program Development for Consumer Education [3]

Developing consumer education programs appropriate to persons of various age levels and in various settings.

HEE 853 Advanced Program Development in Home Economics Education [3]

Investigations on several approaches related to home economics program and analysis on Korean and foreign educational program for home economics.

HEE 854 Qualitative Research Methods in Consumer & Family Resource Management [3]

Investigations on qualitative research methods to analyze various consumer behaviors and context of family resource management.