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이연숙 교수님

YonSuk Lee, Ph.D.
Major field
Family Resource Management & Home Economics Education
E-mail yonsuk@korea.ac.kr
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/yonsuk/
Office : #611 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2325
Note :
Served as Dean of School of Education and Graduate School of Education,
President of Korea Home Economics Education Association,
President of Korea Family Resource Management Association and Head of Seoung Buk-Gu Healthy Family Support Center

이윤정 교수님

YoonJung Lee, Ph.D.
Major field
Fashion Marketing
E-mail yleehe@korea.ac.kr
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/yleehe/
Office : #610 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2326
Note :
Director, Korea University Center for Gender Equity Director, Sungbook Center for Healthy Family and Mulitcultural Family Support

임정하 교수님

JungHa Lim, Ph.D.
Major field
Child Development & Research Methods in Human Development
E-mail jhlim@korea.ac.kr
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/jhlimkuhome/
Office : #606 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2327
Note :
Director of Center for Human Ecology
Division Chief: Early Childhood Education in Graduate School of Education

김유경 교수님

YooKyung Kim, Ph.D.
Major field
Food Science- Pectin chemistry
1. Development of Health Functional Foods and Materials by Using Soybeans and Dietary Fiber
2. Development of Dietary Lifestyles Education Program
E-mail yookyung_kim@korea.ac.kr
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/ykkim/
Office : #713 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2328
Note :
She has been researched the project that the interaction among the physicochemical, structural and functional properties of soy based foods or Korean traditional foods to develop the functional and healthy foods that can be accepted in other country; development of the NIR methods for detecting the foreign materials; research on the dietary and nutrition education in the middle and high school student for healthy life.

이예영 교수님

YheYoung Lee, Ph.D.
Major field
Fashion Design
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/young509/
Office : #613 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2329
Note :
Department Chair
Fashion Design & Merchandising Interdisciplinary Program Chair
Research & Teaching Area: Fashion Design, Fashion Aesthetics, History of Western Fashion

정순화 교수님

SoonHwa Jung, Ph.D.
Major field
Child Development / Parent Education
Homepage faculty.korea.ac.kr/shchung/
Office : #719 UnchoWoosun Education Building
Phone : 82-2-3290-2321
Research Interest :
Child Development and Family Relations
Parent Education and Counseling