(FOR STUDENTS) 19-1 for Grades Posting

1. Grade Input and Revision

Due Dates for Grade

Jun. 17 09:00 ~ Jul. 1 08:30

Grade Open to Students and Revision

Jul. 1 10:00 ~ Jul. 8 17:00

Grade Confirmation

Jul. 9 11:00

Repeated Course Selective Deletion

Jul. 11 11:00


2. Notice

1) Students who complete online course evaluation for all courses in which they enrolled for the semester have access to their preliminary grades. (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on Jul 1 10:00-17:00 to improve the quality)


2) Grade Review URL : http://sugang.korea.ac.kr/grade/


3) Log into Grade Review System

KU students - ID : Student Number, Password : KUPID password

Domestic exchange student

- ID : Temporary KU student number

- Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number


4) Grade "I" will be switched to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.


5) If you repeated a course, please check the course again on the Course registration menu at [KUPID>Go to Class>]. If you find any mistakes in the course registration, you are kindly asked to report it to your affiliated college/school by Jun 14.


6) If you repeated a course, the former grade will be erased through a screening procedure after the Grade Confirmation. You can check your new grade for this session after Jul 11 12:00.



2019. 5.


Academic Administration Division